Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Some Wicked Prog: Astra - The Weirding (2009)

Do you like Pink Floyd? Yes? Come to mention it, do you like Yes? I'll assume you like Hawkwind too. Do you want a band that pretty much does what they did? That band is ASTRA.

Playing it at Gen X has proven to be an exercise in giving people what they really want, deep down in their heart of hearts: 70s-inspired prog, synth-speckled and cerebral. And the good people of Waterloo seem to really dig these guys.

Released by doomy Rise Above Records, the San Diego band's debut album, The Weirding, hasn't left my playlist for a very long time. If you can shake the sensation that the lead vocalists can't decide between Sabbath and Floyd, it's a hugely satisfying album that begs to be played at night, accompanied by a lavalamp and a particularly Moebius-esque issue of Heavy Metal.

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