Friday, January 15, 2010

The Big Lebowski: Shakespeared

Odin's beard, Two Gentlemen of Lebowski really is one of the coolest things I've ever seen, and I salute the maker. In addition to being a big movie nerd, I'm an even bigger Shakespeare nerd, and seeing the Coen brothers' Big Lebowski turned into a Shakespearean play is pretty much the stuff I dream about. This must have taken a lot of work, and I certainly fucking appreciate it.

The Dude becomes, of course, the Knave. And Walter Sir Walter of Poland. Here's Sir Walter rebuking Donny for his cluelessness:

My colleague, although unfram’d and unreferenc’d, speaks plain and true. That these toughs are those at fault, we are agreed; that I stand wounded, unrevenged, we likewise are agreed; yet you circle the meanings unconstantly, like blunted burrs, unstuck where they are thrown.

I speak of aggression uncheck’d, as crowned heads of state once spoke of Arabia—

Arabia! Then we have put a girdle round the earth. Of what does Sir Walter speak?

Cast it from thy sievelike books of memory, Sir Donald; thou art out of thy element.

Godamercy, this better be getting performed on a stage somewhere, and I better be seeing it soon.

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