Friday, May 13, 2011

The Mana Bar - And I'm Effing Jealous

I miss arcades.

I miss playing video games in a vibrant, sociable setting. Outside of house. Something downtown, something plugged in, so to speak.

What I don't miss are the obnoxious children. I was one of them. I don't imagine they miss me either.

Well in Brisbane, Australia, truly now a land of wonder, you can go to a nifty bar, buy a beer with ageable people, and sit down to some good ol' vidya game. Either with friends or with random 8-bit bretheren you didn't know you had.

I like video gamey in-jokes, so a place called "The Mana Bar" pretty much makes my eyes sweat, my knees palpitate, and my thumbs hiccup with the promise of point-related ecstasy.

And Yahtzee, famed video game reviewer, hangs out there. Jeez. Check out the opening day vid:

If any wealthy-savvy-foolish-business-types from Waterloo Region are reading this, please blow all of your money on a venture like this so I can go to it for a month or two. Which is the time it'll take to regret your choice and realise you're broke because we don't really have the population base to make a Mana Bar work here.

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