Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Under The Influence: Masters of the Universe Tribute Art Show

In my online travels today I came across this wicked 2010 gallery show filled with artwork inspired by the inimitable He-Man. There's a long post filled with some great imagery to be found at this link. There's something I find really compelling about artwork made through the regurgitation of cartoon imagery, especially from a terrible cartoon. He-Man was sold to us, most of us bought it, and now we seem to be trying to give it some kind importance. Judging by the gallery show, that manifests sometimes as the attachment of dignity through some kind of poetic understanding, the stripping of dignity like the above piece, or simply the urge to see these oddly beloved characters actually drawn well for a change. The animators of the original show certainly didn't give a shit.


The show included an amazing piece from one of my fave artists: Skinner. You might recall my admiration from one of my first blogposts. Behold!

 Skinner's 'He Who Walks The Path Of Titans, Knows Not What Faith Will Bring'

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