Monday, August 16, 2010

The Princess Bride and 8 1/2 at the Original Princess!

Legendary 'romantic fantasy motion picture' The Princess Bride scheduled to play the Original Princess Cinema tomorrow, Tuesday the 17th, at 7pm. If you like pictures moving in front of you, and romance and fantasy and Andre the fucking Giant, go and see it!

Also, the following Wednesday, also at 7pm, Fellini's even more legendary 8 1/2 is being screened. Autobiographical and lush, this one's an 'Italian arthouse dark sunglasses black and white motion picture.' If you've never seen an artsy foreign film before, or just feel like tasting a splash of Italy, give it a shot.

This is a double whammy of wicked film. Check out the Princess schedule for a full outline.

Protip: The Original Princess only takes cash.

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