Saturday, April 24, 2010

Ryan Watches a Motion Picture #16: Bad Biology (2008)

I have fallen onto some photographs. Excuse me.

Director Frank Henenlotter, the genius behind both Basket Case and Frankenhooker, had me really excited. The sleazy premise is as follows: a mutant woman born with seven or eight clitorises is lonely and wants to find both the man for her and the perfect orgasm. A mutant man with a gigantic, sentient and drug-addicted penis is lonely as well. Both mutants need a place to belong. This of course is the recipe for one fucked up banana bread of fun.

But what can I say about this movie beyond that? Not much. It kind of putters around uselessly for the bulk of the runtime, and gets to feel worth watching once the film starts to bring the two wayward sexual mutants, alone in their tortured worlds, together. When it starts to indicate that they're going to meet up, fall in love, and have some hot and twisted mutant sex. It leads you to believe that when these two get it on, something really wild and strange and horrific and wonderful is going to happen. But instead the film ends off all the tension and mystery with a completely lame and obvious joke that should have merely been a throw-away gag earlier on in the film.

There's an almost interesting hip hop sensibility to Bad Biology, but since it has so little going for it, the movie just seems to serve more as a hustle for producer and co-writer R.A. Thorburn's hip hop music and label.

So: I expected more from you Henenlotter. Way more.

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