Thursday, April 22, 2010

Mel's Diner Burns Down - Local Wizard Feels Bad

You didn't hear it here first!

Mel's Diner has been destroyed. Thanks to a big fire early this morning around 5:30, the beloved and loathed 50s diner, along with beloved Sugar Mountain and loathed Taboo nightclub, is no more. Mr. Sushi committed sepukku as well, I'm told. :(

Will anyone ever again brave the Easy Rider? Will a drunken post-club crowd ever sing Sweet Caroline over and fucking over again? Remember the beer commercial that did that? They lived that commercial every night at Mel's. Lived it to half-broken jukebox. It was somewhat beautiful.

As the Guardian Wizard of Waterloo Region, I'd like to formally apologise for not stopping the dragon that clearly did this. I'll get on it.


  1. ...oh the memories (or lack there of).

    One seems to come to mind, best practices for administering a BJ.

    That one, I do remember...

  2. Wooooah. I remember a cetain Officer S. helping us out, as well.