Saturday, November 24, 2012

Awliens. Vompyre. This is Radiorama.

The 80s was special. You know this.

You may not know Radiorama. They're Italo-Disco and your new master.

Awliens. Awliens. Whatcha gonna' do? I love the poor man's R2D2 doing a constant 'suck it'.

Simona Zanini's dance has revealed new realms of eroticism inside me, and I know that I can never be the same.

Here's a little tune about Vompyre.

"Like a tiger vampire." That's pretty serious.

They also have a song titled Yeti, so they've really covered a lot of ground with their work. The electronic solos in all of their hot tracks feel like they could be the backdrop to some kind of magic medieval forest adventure. When was the last time you went on one? The forest misses you, you know.

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