Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Christopher Lee Makes a Metal Album

 Then you have elected the way....of metal!

Sir Christopher Lee, who seems to have traced his family tree back to Charlemagne, has decided to make a metal record based on the life of his ancient ancestor. It'll be a rock opera, and he'll be singing the part of Charlemagne. He's currently 88.

Lee's actually done a bit of metal work before, lending his resonant voice to the songs of power metal colossuses like Manowar and Rhapsody. In a vlog he posted, he describes his surprise over his burgeoning interest in metal of the symphonic variety, which is a breed of metal in which you 'can actually hear what's being said,' he puts it with a slight scowl. Symphonic metal, which is basically power metal drowned in orchestral bombasticism and melodrama, is about as cheesy as music can get.

Here's a sample:

Did you hear his fell voice on the wind? Gandalf my old friend, this should be an album to remember.


If you're reading this on bookface, the vids won't show up. Here's the link to the original blog post.

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