Sunday, October 17, 2010

New Conan Stills

Haven't seen any of the stills released for the new Conan flick? NOW YOU CAN IF YOU ARE STRONG AND FREE FROM THE YOKE OF MORALITY LIKE CONAN

Word is that the film will be released next year. And Rose Mcgowan is supposed to be in it. Not much detail beyond that. She was supposed to star in Robert Rodriguez' Red Sonja until their romance went badly. Could she be Red Sonja in Conan? Could it possibly be...a Robert E. Howard crossover!? Mcgowan is, of course, allowed to say very little about the topic, though the first picture you'll see after clicking the link supposedly features her, I wonder if it's just a dirty trick. The secrecy seems strange.


  1. McGowan isn't playing Red Sonja in Conan), she's playing a witch called Marique. She could still play Sonja, since the trademark for Sonja is owned by a different company than the people who have the Conan trademark. There isn't really much possibility for a Conan/Red Sonja crossover, any more than a Deadpool/Green Lantern crossover. Since that isn't stopping Ryan Reynolds from playing both characters, it shouldn't stop Rose from playing Marique and Red Sonja.