Thursday, September 16, 2010

Waterloo Royal Medieval Faire This Saturday!

It is upon us! The Royal Medieval Faire is this Saturday in Waterloo Park, and there you can find some mirth, merriment, and a bunch of people dressed up like they're not from around here. It's almost...almost like they're from.....another time!!1

Indeed, the faire is very clearly a temporal rift that opens up around the same time every year, in the ides of september it seems. I have been monitoring them for quite some time, and I am seeking a way to restore them permanently to their proper time. Or maybe I'll find a way to seal them here forever so I can dance a foppish jig with the knights and ladies every weekend. Whichever solution presents itself first.

Bring the family and friends and maybe...just will meet me in my true form - as THE WIZAARD, GUARDIAN WIZARD OF WATERLOO (the loser in the cheap wizard hat).

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