Monday, May 24, 2010

Canadian Fantasy Writer Guy Gavriel Kay to Appear in Waterloo!

So you see, it was actually eating their souls all along. I like stories that turn out that way.

I do too, Kay. I do too. And I'll tell you that when I see you at Wordsworth Books in Uptown Waterloo this Wednesday, the 27th. It's located across from Waterloo Town Square.

Guy Gavriel Kay, famed canuck fantasy writer, will be at a book signing for the release of his latest - Under Heaven. It's either 10 bucks to get in or the purchase of his book. If you dig Kay, you may want to sashay that way.

Ok. So far I've read his beloved Fionavar Tapestry series and a book of his poetry. Decent shtuff.

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