Thursday, March 18, 2010

Kitchener/Waterloo's Local Focus Film Festival!

A short film of mine will be screened in it!

Heard about the Local Focus Festival yet? It's a free film festival put on by The Multicultural Cinema Club, which supplies rental equipment and other extremely useful filmmaking resources.

The films will be screening at Kitchener City Hall, and the opening gala is tonight at 6 o'clock. Go there and schmooze, and see some clips from the festival's selection. Most of (if not all) the films are locally produced, so this is a chance for local filmmakers to display their works for the city's public.

My entry was for the 24 film challenge, which will be screening with the others in the category this Saturday at 2pm! It's called The Pharaoh - and mark it well, for there shall be more.

Check out the Festival Schedule for other event screening times!

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