Monday, February 22, 2010

Pokey The Penguin

It's been around for a while, but if you haven't encountered this gem of a comic strip, you might want to spend a minute or two having your mind broken by it.

Created by who/what is cryptically called 'THE AUTHORS' (you can read the wiki article on it here if you want the mystery ended), Pokey the Penguin is an absurdist comic strip crudely written and crudely drawn using the everyman's photoshop: Microsoft fuckin' Paint. Its humour lies in non-sequiturs, belligerence, and the overstatement of the obvious. Three things that make me lol, and when combined make me LOL. I can never get enough of Pokey's debilitated internet style and its vague punchlines.

Mr. Nutty, a snowman and an alcoholic British capitalist

Its plots are even vaguer. A recurring theme, however, seems to be Pokey's struggle against the Italians, who are perpetually attempting to pilfer Pokey's supply of Arctic Circle Candy, which grows in the arctic. It is important to note that candy does not grow, and that penguins do not live in the arctic.

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